Selling Tips

Perhaps the most important decision to make when selling a property is selecting the right sales and marketing agent.

Over the past four decades N G Farah has sold many thousands of homes allowing the company to develop a level of knowledge and experience that is second-to-none.

The company philosophy has always been to gain trust and respect from the local community by developing a reputation for impeccable service.

This philosophy forms the basis of our recruitment selection and training program.

We have developed a closely-knit team of ambitious individuals proudly working under the N G Farah name. All staff are fully trained to ensure your greatest asset - your home - reaches its full potential.

The success of our training program and the dedication of our staff are reflected in sales results – our best reference.

N G Farah sales consultants inspect every new property listing. This ensures that all consultants have personal knowledge of every property and can talk authoritatively to potential buyers.

Each and every inquiry is dealt with in a professional manner minimising time wastage for both vendors and purchasers alike.

N G Farah’s broad base of clients range from an elite group of celebrities, professional sporting personalities and developers, to first-time homebuyers and investors.

All our clients share an appreciation of N G Farah’s philosophy and
Strengths – many demonstrating their appreciation by repeatedly bringing their business to us.

Product Knowledge

With 40 years experience in the local market, gained from selling thousands of homes, no local independent real estate has more product knowledge than N G Farah.

What does this mean to you?

Product knowledge gives the ability to understand your home’s maximum potential within the marketplace. Our superior product knowledge puts us in a unique position to understand your home’s true value and potential.

The ability to accurately determine property values is a craft. It is determined by assessing what has been sold locally, by supply and demand at specific times, and by familiarity with local community issues, backed by an up-to-date knowledge of where buyers are coming from. Our continuously updated database enables us to draw comparable sales data from the past 40 years, thereby allowing us to accurately profile any local suburb’s development.

Choice equals results

Buyers are attracted to N G Farah because we consistently offer the greatest choice of properties available through the local papers. We reinforce our ongoing relationship with buyers by producing our own in-house publication coastal living detailing current market offerings. Ultimately all buyers prefer choice and, at N G Farah, we provide local buyers with the greatest choice.

Selling your home is not a daunting task. N G Farah has sold many thousands of homes and developed a simple ten point checklist to guide you through the process leading to the sale of your home. Over the years we have attempted to simplify the process to allow you, the vendor, to concentrate on the other aspects of moving home.

As you will see once you have selected us as your sales and marketing agents, we do most of the work for you - but leave you in control.


When selling your home you must decide to choose between selling by private treaty or at auction. N G Farah will assist you with this important decision. Here are some issues to consider:


Auctions are designed to achieve the best, most effective results in the shortest period of time possible.

Auctions do not suit everyone but in general they allow buyers to compete, which inevitably will deliver the best price for the vendor.

N G Farah is an auction specialist and has been involved in thousands of auction sales, offering an understanding of how to achieve the best results.

Our chief auctioneer, Glenn Farah, is the CEO of the N G Farah Group and is widely renowned for his understanding of properties in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. He inspects each and every one of N G Farah’s auction properties. His experience and ability ultimately benefits all of our clients.

Private Treaty Sales

Not all properties go to auction, as many homeowners prefer to list their home for sale and not incur the expense and fuss of an auction campaign. Our private treaty sales are promoted as our best buys through the local paper, and in our magazine coastal living, at no expense to our clients. Inspections are usually by appointment and a signboard is not compulsory if you wish to remain private about selling your home.

Private treaty sales are viewed by appointment until sold.

10 easy steps

  1. With advice from your consultant, decide on the method of sale
  2. We will advise on what needs to be done to your property to maximise its potential presentation for sale (and arrange N G Farah Special Services if required)
  3. We will write to your solicitor and arrange the contract of sale
  4. We will co-ordinate the photographer
  5. We will prepare advertising scripts and floor plans
  6. We will order and install the photo signboard
  7. You will proof-read advertising and negotiate open times
  8. We will provide editorial copy if appropriate and seek editorial coverage
  9. We will prepare a window display in our offices
  10. Our sales team will inspect your property


N G Farah specialist services

N G Farah Specialist Services was established purely for the benefit of our clients. Many vendors selling through our offices entrust us to maximise the presentation of their property prior to the sale. These services ensure the property is presented at its best during open houses and will lead to a greater selling price.

Services provided include

  • landscaping & gardening
  • professional cleaning
  • declutter and self storage
  • Professional cleaning
  • painting & decorating
  • styling or interior design consultation
  • swimming pool maintenance
  • building & architectural consultation
  • general handyman repairs

Our 10 step plan backed by our professional staff has consistently produced outstanding results for thousands of clients.

Auction Campaign

Most auction campaigns run for four weeks, as follows:

Week 1

  • 2 open houses (Thursday & Saturday)
  • full update with copies of advertising

Week 2

  • 2 open houses
  • weekly update

Week 3

  • 2 open houses
  • weekly update

Week 4

  • auction week
  • set reserve price
  • final analysis

N G Farah Advertising

N G Farah has established its own advertising division to control all the print and signage requirements of a successful sales campaign.

All media copy, colour brochures, editorial, window displays, video presentations, websites, and signage for your property are prepared and controlled by our own in-house division assuring you of the highest professional standards whilst minimising costs.

As a client you will receive a tailor-made campaign which you will approve prior to going to press.

Editorials in publications play a big part in the sales process and our ability to prepare and place quality editorial will ultimately benefit your property.

An N G Farah advertising and editorial campaign will give your property the edge; ensuring your property stands out from the other competing properties for sale and auction.