Our Services

N G Farah Project Marketing are a specialised division within the N G Farah Group who provide ‘strategic’ advice for the sales and marketing of new residential developments. This team is headed by Peter Goulding who has successfully managed a host of residential developments across Sydney’s South Eastern Region over the past 10 years.

The Company’s Services include :

  • Design, implement and manage 'total' sales and marketing strategy (includes 'off plan' and completed product) for various sized new developments ranging from small boutique developments right through to major urban renewal projects with 1000+ dwellings.
  • Identify core target market and provide detailed demographical and historical data to support the sales strategy
  • Design and concept - provide detailed advice on best design scheme to maximise saleability and revenues.
  • Marketing design and concept, includes brand establishment, management.
  • Execute the recommended sales and marketing strategy, which may vary from project to project, to minimise risks and maximise revenues.
  • Successful follow up and post completion public relations / community consultation.
  • Implement specific and targeted site acquisitions and site consolidations.
  • Project feasibility, exploration of various design options and all revenue outcomes.

Sales and Marketing

N G Farah Project Marketing will successfully identify the core target market associated to any new project, then strategically design and effectively execute a ‘total’ sales and marketing strategy around these key principles, to maximise the commercial outcome for the property owner and minimise risk.

We dedicate the exclusive services of Company Director Peter Goulding to ‘hands on’ manage the entire process on the ground with a specialist project marketing sales team dedicated to the project around the clock. The project will also be supported by the entire N G Farah Group via several additional local offices providing extensive local exposure. The N G Farah Project Marketing team is proud of its’ 100% track record for all projects undertaken in the past 15 years.

Display Offices

A primary localised/on site sales display centre may be established for any new project and manned 7 days/week by the dedicated project sales team plus secondary sales displays may be established at each of the N G Farah offices locally enabling immediate customer service and attention for any prospective 'walk in' enquiry. This allows for immediate 1 on 1 direct customer sales service and is particularly important when statistics prove more than 60% of purchasers for any new project come from within the same geographical location (3-5km radius).  Our philosophy is total commitment and dedication from top down by the entire Company to every project undertaken.

N G Farah will wholly embrace a project from its early design stages right through to 100% sales completion and final settlement. The Company will strictly not participate in more than ‘one’ project in a similar location (or offering) to eliminate any cross over or competition from within and ensure 100% individualised service.



                                             N G Farah Project Marketing Team                                                                     Exclusive N G Farah 'project' showroom to 'showcase' your project - 7 days/week


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                                                          Covering the entire South Eastern Sydney Market